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Rory’s Guide to New Years Resolutions

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A few tips from Rory on New Years resolutions.  Have an amazing 2017 everyone!

Fridge raiding


If you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet try to avoid grazing by keeping a small black kitten in your fridge.  The kitten will act as a guard or at least a distraction.  Do not eat the kitten by accident – he will be quite chewy.



Sometimes it helps to have a picture of what you aspire to be.  For example, this guy might hope to be as handsome and majestic as I am one day.

Determination and organisation


With determination and organisation you can achieve anything.  Remember that no box is too small if you’re determined to squeeze into it.  If you’re organised you will have a completely separate box for your small black kitten to be in so he doesn’t keep annoying you.

Be yourself


Sometimes you’ve just got to relax and be comfortable with yourself.  Some things, like me, are already perfect as they are.


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