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Cooking with Mac


Hi there!  It’s me Mac – the cute, black kitten and Rory’s faithful side-kick!

You might now know this about my but I’m a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to food.  I will take the opportunity to try ANYTHING I can when the human’s have their back turned.  I’ve had a bite of everything from chicken curry to avocado – I even ate a raspberry once – bleugh!

My ambition to become a master cat chef started at a young age and I took my time to familiarise myself with the cooking equipment available in the house.  I’ve spent some time with Rory checking out the contents of the fridge for recipe inspiration.  For some reason the woman mutters about “food hygiene” when I do this even though I’m clearly cleaner than the humans!


I’m a fan of simple dishes, one of my favourites being omelette.  Just look at that – I could do without the toast but you can see that just staring at that omelette is making my mouth water.


Then there was this chicken, obviously under seasoned – I mean just look at it.  Plus she goes and ruins the whole thing by putting it on a whole pile of vegetables.  She’s going to have to baste that a few times or it’ll be dry and dust.  Personally, I’d have had it raw but then these people I find myself living with have strange habits.  When spring time comes I’ll bring her in something real fresh and leave it in the kitchen – then she might eat it the right way.


I’m a believer in getting up close and personal when it comes to human food, but one thing I have learnt is never to jump into the middle of the man’s takeaway pizza.  He clearly isn’t willing to share (greedy man that he is) and I never got to eat any, not even the slices that went on the floor.



2 thoughts on “Cooking with Mac

  1. Ha ha really enjoyed reading this 🐾🐾🐾🐾

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