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Shopping for cats


Shopping and cats – what could be better!  Today I visited the Cats Protection charity shop in Falkirk, to drop off some donations and take a look at what was in store.

The shop at Falkirk is new as it only opened in December. I met the Manager, Pamela, who showed me around.  The shop is spacious, bright and has plenty to offer in the way of clothes, household goods, DvDs, books and of course cat themed gifts.  It was great to see the the number of donations coming in to help keep the shop stocked.

As well as shopping they also had a tombola to try my hand at.  I was a lucky winner today and received a coaster for my champagne – yay for shopping and cats and drinking!

Tombola for cats.jpg

I picked up a great new cat toy for Rory and Mac too, which went down very well.  Mac is currently enjoying tearing out the orange feathers.

Cat toy.jpg

Next time you’re having a clear out or are looking to pick up a bargain, why not think of your local Cats Protection shop and see if you can do something to help cats at the same time.


8 thoughts on “Shopping for cats

  1. What a great idea to have a shop. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something like this in the U.S.

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  2. I volunteer at the cats protection at Fishcross they also have a shop and have lovely catty items as well as books,DVD s,clothes ,toys and at the same time you can visit all the gorgeous cats looking for forever homes.🐾😻

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  4. What a clever idea! I would definitely shop there.

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