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Mac’s guide to love


Hello there you sexy people.  I’m Mac and absolutely everyone I meet loves me.  I know how to romance anything, and I mean anything.  Arms, rugs, fleece jumpers … I’ve shown them all a good time.

With Valentine’s day fast approaching I wanted to share some of my secrets.  If you’re a hopeless romantic looking to impress the special someone in your life then you’ve come the the right place.


Giving a gift you’ve made yourself shows that you really care.  If you’re really not sure stick with something traditional.  Mice, shrews and voles are always good choices.  Nothing says I love you quite like a dead rodent.



Wine and Dine

Make your Valentine’s Day a personal experience by cooking your own romantic meal (see my guide to cooking for some ideas).  After all who wants to leave the house when you can make it a more intimate occasion. Set the mood by lighting some candles, playing some romantic music and decorating the table with a scatter of cat nip.

After dinner….

I’m not giving away all of my secrets!  Let’s just say that, even though I’m neutered, I know EXACTLY how to make the move …. ME-OW!

On your own

Well, that’s tough but sometimes you’ve just got to make your own entertainment.  That rug over there looks rather inviting!



5 thoughts on “Mac’s guide to love

  1. Nothing says I love you quite like a dead rodent! Wise words. Suspect not a universally successful tactic

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  2. Thanks for sharing, Mac! Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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  3. Ha ha really enjoyed reading Mac,s guide to love.🐾🐾🐾😻💖

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