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Rory’s thoughts on exercise


Mac jumps and flys around the house.  He does backflips and jump twists and sprints along the top of the couch.  He chases things, he chases me, or he tries to and sometimes I let him. He climbs up things and then jumps back off and then does it again.  The woman takes pictures of him but they’re all blurred because he is never still.


The woman runs.  She actually goes outside and runs around for no reason that I can see.  She never brings any birds or mice home so I don’t know what she is chasing.  She goes to the park in the sun, rain and snow, then comes back home pink faced and covered in mud. I don’t know what bootcamp is but I don’t want to go.

The man goes out and kicks balls I’ve heard, but I don’t know why.  I don’t think that they have food inside.  He never bites them or brings them back home as gifts, just runs around kicking them until he is tired.  I chased a ball once and then I got bored so I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

I don’t understand at all, watching them makes me tired.



3 thoughts on “Rory’s thoughts on exercise

  1. Mac sounds like a ball of energy for sure!

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