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Meadows 10K – Running for Cats


Today I completed the first of the challenges that I am taking part in to raise money for Cats Protection in 2017.   Today’s challenge was a 10k race at the Meadows in Edinburgh.  I only really started my running training this year and as I managed to injure my ankle in January I haven’t had as much chance to train as I would have liked.  In fact before today I have never run as far as 10k ever – my goal for today was just to finish! I was joined by Robert, who as a serious running was expecting (and achieved) a far, far better time than me.


The Course

The Meadows races are unusual in that the course is a 1.5 mile loop, which you run around as many times as required to complete your distance.  The loop is around the edge of the Meadows, an open parkland close to the centre of Edinburgh.  The 10k runners set off at the same time as the marathon runners – we had to complete 4 loops of the course but they had to complete 18 loops!


The race is organised by students of various University’s in Edinburgh who volunteer to arrange and support the event, with an aim of raising as much money for charity as possible.  The students also cheered us on as we ran around the course.


I was expecting to take over an hour to complete the distance, but realised half way through that if I pushed myself a little harder I’d be able to do it under the hour mark.  By the end of the race I was completely out of breath and purple faced!

Because of the loop approach Robert lapped me.  He also seemed to look the same at the end of the race as he did at the start … meanwhile I looked like a beetroot.

The Result

The training that I did manage to complete paid off.  I managed to finish the 10k in a time of 58 minutes, which I’m really pleased with.


(Robert, me and Tom with our finishers medals.  Robert and Tom waited for me after they had finished to cheer me as I completed my final lap.)

Having completed this race I’m more confident for my upcoming running events.  The amount of support I’ve had has been terrific and also spurred me on to push myself around the route.

If you want to sponsor me for the rest of my 2017 challenges please donate at my JustGiving page.


3 thoughts on “Meadows 10K – Running for Cats

  1. Very cool and congratulations!

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