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Rory’s guide to stress reduction


You might not believe it, but being a cat can be very stressful!  Not only do I have a territory to maintain, a kitten to boss around and a nemesis cat to keep at bay, I also have to take care of two humans!  I’m a pretty laid back cat and keep my cool despite all of this.  Here’s my guide to stress free living.

Play and Hunt

When you start feeling stressed out then get it all out of your system.  Do what you need to do – play, hunt or run in circles like Mac does.  I like to take my frustrations out on this cat nip mouse.


Take time for yourself

It’s important to take time out to just relax.  Some days I only manage 15 hours of sleep – on these days it’s important to spend extra time doing nothing and having extra cat naps.

Try some yoga

Many cats find that yoga helps them unwind.  Some cats are even practicing yoga with their humans now!  This is me trying out the balancing lick my bum pose.


Adopt a cat

OK, so this one is only for the humans reading this and I’m assuming most of you are human as I’ve heard that most cats can’t read!!  Having a cat in your life has proven health benefits and can help with stress reduction.

Here’s a picture of Mac going the extra mile to help our human enjoy a nice, relaxing bath.


Have a chilled out week everyone!


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