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Scarlett’s list of cat people problems


There are some things that only cat people will understand.  Notice I’ve said cat people and not cat ladies, there are cat men out there too – you know who you are!

1. Your cat alarm goes off well before your actual alarm

2. You’ll have cat hair on everything and need to keep clothes brushes everywhere

3. You can no longer do any gardening without gloves because you’re essentially weeding your cats toilet


4. When other people talk about their children you talk about your cats

5. You will endure all discomfort so you don’t disturb your cat when it is sitting on your knee


6. You’ll discover that the amount of space a cat takes up in your bed is disproportionate to it’s actual size

7. When tickle my tummy actually means, I’m going to claw your hands off


8. You no longer have personal space and nowhere is private


9. There is more litter outside of the tray than in it

10. Despite all this you’ll still like your cats more than you like most people


3 thoughts on “Scarlett’s list of cat people problems

  1. Pretty comprehensive list–I cannot think of anything to add . . .

    Liked by 1 person

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