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Zombies, Run! Spring Virtual 10k

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So today I completed the second of my running challenges for Cats Protection – the Zombies, Run! Spring 10k.  It was a bit different to a normal race though because it was virtual – this means that people from around the world can take part but just need to run it in the same period of time. 

So how does it work?

The race works through the Zombies, Run! app, which I’ve written about before in my post on running motivation.  You carry your phone with you and it tracks how quickly you complete the race.


At the same time there is a story line and clips with commentary are played to you when you reach certain distance points.  In the storyline for this race I was Rescue Number 5 of the European Rescue Force, sent into the channel tunnel to rescue passengers trapped on a train – as you might imagine there is a zombie related twist! In between storyline clips the app plays your own music.

Mission Completed!

I completed the mission (I mean the 10k!) in 57 mins 28 seconds – about the same as the Meadows 10k in March. I’m really pleased with this – I’m not getting faster but at least I’m consistent! I don’t know my final position on the leaderboard yet because the race period continues until 17th April.


I found it a very different experience to a real race. The storyline was entertaining and it was good to be able to do the race at a time that suits me. The competitive side of me likes to run against others though – even if I am still slow.

If anyone would like to see, I’ve put an extremely cheesy video with pics of me running and my route on the Rory’s Feline Good Facebook page.

The Soundtrack 

Before the race I asked my Facebook friends what music they would listen to when running from zombies. The result was quite a mixture and I’ve put it all into a Spotify playlist, Running from Zombies. If you have any other ideas then please share in the comments below.

Remember I’m doing all of this for cats – I’d much rather be on my couch than out for a run. Please visit to support.


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