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What Rory really thinks

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I often write posts giving some of Rory and Mac’s views on various topics, but at the same time wonder to myself what they are really thinking.

We’re Just Big bald cats

In studies of dog behaviour it has been observed that dogs behave differently when playing with humans than they do when playing with other dogs.  This suggests that dogs know that humans are different to them.  Cats on the other hand do not vary their behaviour greatly – it can therefore be assumed that they don’t really see us as something different from them.  Your cat thinks that you are a big, bald and rather clumsy cat (


You’re the one who’s being trained

Your cat is smarter than you might think and very good at getting it’s own way.  Did you know that adult cats generally don’t meow as part of communicating with other cats.  This means that they know that meowing for people is the best way to get our attention and communicate with you. They really know how to get what they want and even change the sound of their purr when they want food to match the frequency of a baby crying (


If they didn’t like you they wouldn’t stay

Research has shown that cats do not experience separation anxiety when away from their owners in the same way as dogs do (  They are far more independent and don’t need you around to feel secure.  Although this may suggest that your cat isn’t attached to you, the opposite is probably true.  If your cat spends time with you and stays with you it’s because they actually want to.

There are many ways that cats show affection to you, from rubbing their head against you, following you around or just being near you.  I quite liked this list of ways your cat shows you that they love you – Rory and Mac do many of these things (

So in summary your cat thinks that you are a big, bald cat and an easily manipulated food source, but they do enjoy your company for all that otherwise they wouldn’t stick around!


One thought on “What Rory really thinks

  1. We knew all this, but it is sad when they sit looking at you as you go out the door, explaining you will be back soon.

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