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Running for CHAS

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In 2017 I’m taking part in a lot of challenges to raise money for Cats Protection (you can see a full list of challenges here).  However, last weekend I ran in the Edinburgh Marathon relay event for the Children’s Hospice Associations Scotland (CHAS), the chosen charity for my team.  The relay involved teams of 4 and we had four relay teams participating from work.


CHAS is a fantastic charity, which does amazing work for very ill children and their families in Scotland.  They provide the only hospice services in Scotland for children and young people who have life-shortening conditions for which there is no known cure.  You can find out more about CHAS by visiting their website here.

I ran the short leg of the relay at 4.4 miles.  It is also known as the glory leg as it is the one that takes you over the finish line.  I can now say that I have finished a marathon, even if I haven’t run full one!

Taking part in the marathon was a great experience.  There were crowds of people spectating, offering support and cheering us along.  It was a very hot day, especially by Edinburgh standards.  I don’t think I could run a full marathon, especially not in hot conditions, and must congratulate everyone who took part.

Here is how my team did:

  • 1st Leg – 8.3 miles: 1h 19m 27s
  • 2nd Leg – 5.5 miles : 45m 58s
  • 3rd Leg – 8 miles : 1h 0m 24s
  • 4th Leg – 4.4 miles (this one was me): 42m 55s
Total time to run the marathon – 3h 46m 39s



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