Rory's Feline Good

Fun in the sun


Scotland isn’t known for it’s sunny weather but recently we have been fortunate to have quite a few days of sunshine.  Rory and Mac have been making the most of it.  Here are some pictures of them enjoying themselves outside.

Rory likes relaxing on our garden bench. He takes up most of it!


Mac’s tail looks like it might be interesting to play with.  Mac isn’t convinced.


Mac is patrolling the top of the fence.


Rory has found a better toy to play with.



3 thoughts on “Fun in the sun

  1. being a cat outdoors on a nice day is wonderful. The pinwheel photo is a hoot!

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    • It is good, although Rory’s ears burn so he has to have suncream which he doesn’t like very much. The pinwheel photo makes me laugh too – Rory pretends to be a serious cat so it’s fun to see him doing silly things 🙂

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  2. I love cats. Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures of your lovely cats

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