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My first visit to a cat cafe – Maison de Moggy – Katzenworld

Read about my visit to Maison de Moggy in Edinburgh at Katzenworld blog.

Source: My first visit to a cat cafe – Maison de Moggy – Katzenworld



Big Cat Onesie

This week is Cats Protection #BigCatWeek.  As part of this they have launched a very exciting opportunity for some adventurous cat fans to fundraise and go on a five day Himalayan trek and spend three days at a tiger conservation project in India in October 2018. Continue reading

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Why I’m bad at keeping New Years resolutions

It’s coming up to the time of year when we’re supposed to be thinking of our resolutions for 2017.  Perhaps something that we want to change about ourselves, a fitness goal or perhaps take up a new hobby.  For me it’s the time of year where I join a gym and then never go past the second week of January. Continue reading