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Happy 5th Birthday Rory

Today is Rory’s 5th birthday!  He’s here to give you a high 5:


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Rory’s journey as an IBD cat

Apologies in advance for the longer and more serious than usual post today.  As you may have gathered, a huge part of my inspiration for fundraising for Cats Protection this year are my gorgeous boys Rory and Mac, both adopted from CP West Lothian branch.  Rory in particular was very poorly last year, making me think about how important he is to me and my family and giving me that push to try and do more for all of those other cats out there who need the care of forever homes.

Rory suffers from Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), something which is actually fairly common in cats but which I was not aware of prior to owning Rory.  I’m not a vet so please don’t take anything here as medical advice for your cat, but wanted to write something to raise awareness of the condition, give cat owners a view on they symptoms and behaviours Rory experienced and also talk about Rory’s treatment.   Continue reading


Rory’s guide to stress reduction

You might not believe it, but being a cat can be very stressful!  Not only do I have a territory to maintain, a kitten to boss around and a nemesis cat to keep at bay, I also have to take care of two humans!  I’m a pretty laid back cat and keep my cool despite all of this.  Here’s my guide to stress free living. Continue reading


Rory’s thoughts on exercise

Mac jumps and flys around the house.  He does backflips and jump twists and sprints along the top of the couch.  He chases things, he chases me, or he tries to and sometimes I let him. He climbs up things and then jumps back off and then does it again.  The woman takes pictures of him but they’re all blurred because he is never still.

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Building a cat submarine

OK, so I know that I might have a little bit too much time on my hands but I built a cat submarine for Rory and Mac!  I think that making it was definitely worth the effort though.  Rory and Mac are typical of cats in that they do not normally like anything that is actually meant for them (our collection of brand new, never been touched cat beds is testament to this).  However, they actually really love the submarine, although I admit that this is probably because it’s basically a box. Continue reading