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Running for CHAS

In 2017 I’m taking part in a lot of challenges to raise money for Cats Protection (you can see a full list of challenges here).  However, last weekend I ran in the Edinburgh Marathon relay event for the Children’s Hospice Associations Scotland (CHAS), the chosen charity for my team.  The relay involved teams of 4 and we had four relay teams participating from work.

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Great Edinburgh Run – Running for Cats

I have a number of challenges that I’m taking part in for Cats Protection in April, which means that my blog has turned more into a running/ walking blog than originally intended.  Never fear – normal service will resume shortly with more on Rory’s thoughts, Mac’s guides and crafting cat stuff.  The main purpose of all of this was always to raise awareness of the work that Cats Protection do, help raise some money for them and let you keep track of all of the things that I am doing. Continue reading

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Zombies, Run! Spring Virtual 10k

So today I completed the second of my running challenges for Cats Protection – the Zombies, Run! Spring 10k.  It was a bit different to a normal race though because it was virtual – this means that people from around the world can take part but just need to run it in the same period of time.  Continue reading


Meadows 10K – Running for Cats

Today I completed the first of the challenges that I am taking part in to raise money for Cats Protection in 2017.   Today’s challenge was a 10k race at the Meadows in Edinburgh.  I only really started my running training this year and as I managed to injure my ankle in January I haven’t had as much chance to train as I would have liked.  In fact before today I have never run as far as 10k ever – my goal for today was just to finish! I was joined by Robert, who as a serious running was expecting (and achieved) a far, far better time than me. Continue reading


Running from zombies

Or, how to stay motivated when you don’t like running.

As part of my 2017 fundraising for Cats Protection I have signed up for a number of running events (see my challenge page for the full list).  I am not a runner – in fact sometimes the idea of putting on my trainers and jogging around the streets fills me with dread.  It wouldn’t be a real challenge if I enjoyed it though so I have been getting out there and training three times a week whatever the weather. Continue reading


Hopping for cats?

This isn’t exactly the training update that I wanted to share this early in 2017!  Following a weekend of walking and 2 weeks into my running training I woke up on Monday last week with pain in my right ankle.  At first I thought it was normal post-exercise ache but it got worse throughout the day and by the end of the day I was limping.  Not ideal! Continue reading